My name is Scott Gardner, and I live in Northwest Arkansas. I have been working in IT since the late ’90’s. A few years back my dad taught me to cane chairs. I practiced for a few years and got to maybe decent-amateur level. I have decided to get back into it because I find the task to be meditative and it’s very fulfilling to restore an old object to usability.

I have joined The SeatWeavers Guild, and I plan to attend their annual gathering this year if I can, later in July. I have a lot to learn from them to take my skills to the next level.

As mentioned on my front page, I do not participate in social media to any great extent. I will make certain exceptions, but for the most part you won’t find me on the bigger platforms. As such, I am highlighting my RSS feed here so people can use that to follow me. Here’s the link to the feed: https://scottmgardner.com/seatweaving/feed/ You can plug that into any news feed reader (there are many in the app stores for your smartphone. I’m currently using Inoreader.) to keep up to date with my progress.